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Do you use our GamerTag?

Many of our players use the name-addition @ GameTesters.org (e.g. on Steam or in the PS4 network). Since our Game Tester team mostly plays in the multiplayer area (especially Dota2, CS:GO and Overwatch) we will quickly draw attention to this additional name. You can also send us a screenshot to info@gametesters.org. With a bit of luck you will be contacted by us and will be able to benefit from numerous extras, including:

  • Stay an the top-position for all game companies in our database for 1 week long!
  • Exclusive hardware signed by us, e.g.: The newest iPhone or PS4 Pro!
  • and much more!



We're not limited to a specific city or a state. Our job offers are distributed all over the world. A job offer can be right near your place.



We work together with a huge and exclusive network of game companies. This allows us to access contacts that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

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Right after your apply: Lean back and relax!      Our professional team does the rest for you. This way we keep our satisfied customers.

Sam Remis, 17 years old, New York

“I just wanted to thank you for your great work getting me in the business! I'm doing this job almost 2 years now and it all started with your help! I just love my job!”

Sam Remis, 17 years old, New York

Leslie White, 19 years old, Chester

“I couldn't believe it first but as soon as I got my first job offer I was so excited! It's just awesome to enjoy talking about upcoming trends at your work place and not just with friends in private!”

Leslie White, 19 years old, Chester
You can contact us at any time!

We connect the players community worldwide every day. We strive steadily the very popular game industry by working closely with game companies to help people (also without prior knowledge or experience in the industry) have a realistic chance becoming a Game Tester or Game Editor. We stand by our name for high service quality.